Condensation Control & Black Mould Prevention

Many homes are susceptible to condensation, particularly those with poor ventilation or high internal temperature; the modern tendency to seal up our homes often has the consequence of creating the perfect environment for condensation to develop. Left untreated, you will soon begin to notice signs of black mould and serious damp problems developing throughout your property.

The growth of black mould – a direct consequence of condensation – presents a severe health risk to those with respiratory conditions – particularly babies, children and elderly people. Black mould often causes the presence of harmful toxins in the air, too, which can cause skin allergies such as eczema to worsen.

At Dry Home Living, we can solve your condensation issues. We can prevent and control damp and black mould throughout your property by using professional condensation treatments, such as our specialist Positive Input Ventilation system (PIV).

Our ventilation system is a completely unobtrusive device installed directly on the ceiling or in the loft, and works by circulating a consistent supply of fresh, clean air. This maximises airflow and removes lingering moisture from your home.

We tackle the root cause of condensation, aiming to prevent damp patches and eliminate black mould.

Wet windows, damp fabrics and windowsill puddles will be a thing of the past once you experience our condensation-beating ventilation system.

Both the NHS and WHO (World Health Organisation) have identified black mould as a cause of respiratory problems. If black mould and damp are present in your home, then you are more likely to develop allergies, asthma or respiratory infections. Black mould can also damage the immune system, so once you notice the signs of mould, it’s vital that you bring in professional help.

With a positive input ventilation system installed, you’ll find your home environment much cleaner, more pleasant and substantially less oppressive. At Dry Home Living, we aim to return your home to the comfortable and clean space you’ve grown to love, and we do so to the highest professional standards.

Our ventilation units are:

  • Discreet
  • Silent
  • Energy efficient
  • Maintenance free

Maintaining a clean air flow throughout your home, while actively protecting against moisture infiltration through walls, windows and floors, is the only way to eliminate the effects of condensation. At Dry Home Living, we bring peace of mind back to your property when you need it most.
Our ventilation system comes with a 5 year manufacturer’s warranty, and is the only proven way of reliably eliminating condensation throughout the home environment.

If you have a condensation, black mould or damp problem in your property, contact Dry Home Living today. We operate throughout the North West, including Chester, Liverpool and the Wirral, and are always happy to help.


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